In order to be certified and become eligible for competition, a student must have completed the Student Profile and Signature Page, and uploaded their Medical History and Athletic Physical to the TAPPS database. In special circumstances such as student transfers, international students and students not living with parents, other forms will be required as well. 

A student’s eligibility status may be verified by viewing the school’s team eligibility roster in Rank One. Students in green are eligible, while students in red are lacking complete information and/or forms and are not eligible for competition in any JV or Varsity, District or Non-District games.

Schools that fail to certify any student’s eligibility in advance of their first interscholastic contest shall be subject to the following sanctions:

  1. First Offense – Warning
  2. Second Offense – Reprimand / 1 Game Suspension for head coach
  3. Additional Offense – Penalties shall escalate

Failure to furnish correct and complete information upon request by the proper committee, may constitute grounds for suspension of the school, program and/or athlete.