Fees are to be paid promptly by the host school or by the game management as approved by the school.  The TAPPS recommended fee schedule posted under the “Officials” tab on the TAPPS website.

The maximum fee listed should be paid to officials working varsity contests.  For sub-varsity contests, unless otherwise specified, fees less than the maximum may be negotiated between the chapter and the school.  If a participant school exceeds the maximum fee schedule, the district executive committee shall meet as soon as possible to decide if an emergency warranted the excess fee. The committee shall decide on the merits of the case and apply the penalty; or, if an emergency is declared, waive  the penalty.  The district executive committee may declare that, in its judgment, an emergency arose and, therefore waive the penalty.

Officials shall be paid travel reimbursement as listed on approved pay sheets. Other allowable expenses may include meals, lodging and ground transportation. No other item shall be included in payment of officials.