Officials Failure to Show

If the agreed upon officials fail to show up at the game site, the visiting school shall not be in violation by refusing to play. The host school shall make written notifications to the assigning chapter and to the TAPPS Office. However, earnest effort should be expended to find officials so that the game may be played without additional travel expenses for the visiting team and fans.

The penalty for failure to provide officials is forfeiture of the game or match.  The district executive committee shall determine whether or not forfeiture is applicable.

A host school does not have to forfeit the contest unless the district executive committee rules that they have been negligent in contracting and securing officials. If the contest is rescheduled, the home team will host the game at a mutually agreed date and time and reimburse the visiting school 50 cents per mile. By mutual agreement, the visiting team may host the make-up game and no travel allowance be required.