Game Management and Ejections

The host school is responsible to provide a positive and supportive environment for the game officials. The game administrator should meet the officials upon arrival and discuss with them any issues or areas of concern. Officials should be provided with a dressing room for pre-game, halftime and post-game. The game administrator should also be available at all times during the contest to assist the officials if they need to discourage unsportsmanlike conduct of a fan, player or coach. Officials should be consulted after the game to see if there is any misconduct that needs to be reported. Finally, the game administrator should provide an escort for the officials to their vehicles.

Officials must report all ejections of coaches, severe verbal and physical abuse, and any major disruptions that occur during a game. The game administrator must be informed of the problem the night of the game. Reports from each official involved must be made to the TAPPS office within the next two working days following the game or match. In order for TAPPS to review each situation, the earlier a report is made, the more efficiently and effectively the TAPPS staff can administer any necessary penalty. Officials should use the report form provided on their association’s website.