When officials who have been previously agreed upon by both teams are scratched, the school scratching the officials shall pay them the fee they would have received had they worked the game minus any travel expenses and shall also pay the additional travel costs in obtaining new officials. If scratched officials obtain another game, they do not have to be paid.

After a school has accepted an official, and then scratches the official prior to a contest, this action must be approved by the athletic director and the principal of the school taking the action. Officials shall not be scratched the day of the game, except by mutual consent of both schools.

At the beginning of each sport season, the District Executive Committee may vote to require or exclude specific chapters to be used in all district games.

TAPPS discourages indiscriminate scratching of entire chapters except in cases when potential problems could result with fans and/or school employees.

When officials do not show, or when the previously agreed upon officials do not show, and the game has to be rescheduled, the chapter shall be responsible for the rescheduled game fee, unless it is determined by the school that an emergency arose beyond the control of the officials