Playoff Bracket Format

In Playoff Brackets, other than football, the 50% rule will be used to determine playoff qualifiers from each district when possible. For example, if a district has eight teams, four will qualify for the playoffs. Numbers will be rounded up to achieve 50% representation from each district (ie. 7 teams in the district would have 4 representatives). Teams will be added to ensure the brackets are set on a 12 team, 16 team, 24 team, or 32 team bracket. In all brackets where possible, at least one team shall not make the playoffs.

If a team that would not have qualified for the playoffs under the above 50% rule is placed in the bracket, that team may opt to withdraw from the playoffs prior to the first round games without penalty. This decision must be made prior to district certification and no team shall be advanced in the district rankings to take this position. However, once entering the playoffs a team must complete the postseason.

In the event byes are necessary, they shall be assigned to district champions first and with geography of the first round in consideration. If there are no eligible opponents in the neighboring districts, then teams shall not be selected in the opposite half of the bracket to fill the bye. Teams from the same district will not be placed in the bracket to alleviate the bye. The last resort shall be a coin toss to determine which district shall get byes.