Playoff Expenses

In all play-off games, (other than those arranged and provided by TAPPS) all game expenses shall be paid from the gate receipts. Price of admission should be by mutual agreement. Both schools must be equally charged and if gate is waived for any group for one school, that same concession must be offered to the other school. TAPPS passes must be accepted from both schools. After all expenses are paid, any remaining funds are to be equally divided by the two schools, unless mutually agreed otherwise. 

If the game is played at a neutral site, and the gate receipts do not cover expenses, both teams must share the expenses equally. If the game is played at the facility of the home team and gate receipts do not cover the game expenses, the home team must absorb the loss, since the visiting team had travel expenses. If the home team moves the game to a facility other than their home court or field, the home team assumes the full expense of the facility rental. In each of these cases, if both teams mutually agree, the cost may be covered by one school.