Playoff Officials

In playoff contests, schools should come to a mutual agreement on officials as well as the chapter to be used. In the event that the schools cannot agree, the chapter to be used is determined by a coin toss or may be assigned by TAPPS. Both schools are equally responsible for the payment of the officials before any other expenses are deducted from the gate. Officials must be paid the playoff rate set by the officials organization.

TAPPS requires a minimum number of officials in all playoff games for each sport:

  • 11-Man Football – 5 or 7 man crew by mutual agreement
  • 6-Man Football – minimum 4 man crew
  • Volleyball – Referee, Umpire and two Line Judges
  • Soccer – 2 or 3 man crew by mutual agreement
  • Basketball – minimum 3 man crew
  • Baseball – minimum 3 man crew
  • Softball – minimum 3 man crew