TAPPS Approval

TAPPS must approve the student’s eligibility prior to the student participating at any level of competitive activities at the new school. Prior to approval by the TAPPS office, the student may practice or participate in off season activities, but may not participate in any interscholastic competition (Scrimmage, Sub-Varsity or Varsity) until the transfer process is complete and the student is approved by the TAPPS office.

The TAPPS Approval Process shall be completed through the TAPPS database and the completed approval document will be posted there. The process itself is accomplished through the interaction with district schools, and the gathering and assessment of pertinent eligibility information.

The TAPPS office shall review the completed STF and PAPF (if required) documents to determine the student’s eligibility. If questions arise, the TAPPS office shall contact the previous school for clarification.

Once the transfer student’s eligibility has been approved, the TAPPS office shall notify district schools of the Transfer Student approval. It is important to know that approval by the TAPPS office does not preclude additional review of the student’s eligibility by TAPPS should additional information be presented regarding the student’s previous participation in competitive activities or compliance with eligibility standards.

Additionally, if any district school raises an objection, the district president shall notify the TAPPS office and a district meeting may be held in order to review the student’s eligibility approval as determined by the TAPPS office. The student will not be eligible until the meeting is held and eligibility is determined. After a district hearing, any party to the decision may appeal the district’s decision to the TAPPS Executive board by completing the Appeal Form and the payment of any required fees.