Step Three: Complete Previous Athletic Participation Form (PAPF)

If the transferring student participated in either a sub-varsity or varsity sport in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade during the current or previous school year, they must complete the Previous Athletic Participation Form (PAPF). Participation includes practices held before the beginning of school for Fall Activities in Cross Country, Fall Soccer, Football and Volleyball.

If the new student did not compete during the current or the previous school year, a PAPF is not re­quired.

The PAPF must be signed by the student and one parent. The form must then be taken or sent to the student’s previous school for their review. A series of questions related to the transfer will be answered, and then, the athletic director and an administrator will sign the form.

Once the PAPF has the signatures of student, parent and officials from the previous school, it must be submitted to the new school. After an administrator and the athletic director at the new school sign the form, it must be uploaded to the student’s Rank One profile.