District Game Forfeitures

If a school forfeits a district game, and does not play that game, the forfeiting school shall not be eligible for the playoffs. Also, none of the games involving the team that cancels the game will count towards the district standings. It is as if the team was never a part of the district. However, the individual players on the team are still eligible for consideration for all-district and all-state team selection.

If a district game is played and later ordered to be forfeited by the District Executive Committee or if the school willingly forfeits the game after discovering an ineligible player, or some other rule violation, the team is not automatically removed from the playoffs. Instead, the team’s won/loss record for district play, including any losses due to the forfeiture of games played, shall be considered to determine if the team qualifies for a playoff berth.

Finally, schools shall not forfeit any district games in order to play non-district games. Schools in violation of this provision will be subject to the same range of penalties stated.