Failure to Complete a Game

If a contest cannot be played as scheduled or completed as defined by the governing rules of the activity, and the visiting team was not notified in advance of the situation or if the situation occurs during the contest, earnest effort should be expended to find an acceptable playing site so that the game may be played without additional travel expenses for the visiting team and fans.

A host school does not have to forfeit the contest unless the District Executive Committee rules that they have been negligent. If the contest is rescheduled, the home team will host the game at a mutually agreed date and time and reimburse the visiting school 50 cents per mile. By mutual agreement, the visiting team may host the make-up game and then no travel allowance shall be required.

If one team has outscored the other at the time of game stoppage, the losing coach may choose to accept the score as final.

A game or match canceled any time after a contract has been signed by the two schools, shall be forfeited by the team canceling the game or match, unless both parties agree to the cancellation

In football, when two schools agree to play on a 2-year basis, a contract is signed by the two schools, and the schools agree that the home team shall keep 100% of the gate receipts. If that game is canceled the second year by the team that received 100% of the gate receipts during the first year, the team that received no gate receipts is entitled to 50% of the net gate receipts from the first game unless mutually agreed otherwise. This fee is in addition to the forfeiture fee included in the contract.