Appeal of District Assignment


A school may also appeal its assignment to a classification, division, region or district, after the district assignments have been posted. The school should file its appeal on the form provided for realignment appeals located on the TAPPS website.

The TAPPS Executive Board shall review the request, taking into consideration all information as to the impact of the request on all member schools and what is in the best interest of the association. If a member of the TAPPS Executive Board is involved in or affected by the appeal, that member shall abstain from all deliberations and voting.

With respect to classification decisions, a ground for review is an error in the enrollment basis. Schools may not appeal to be assigned to a smaller classification or division based on evidence that they submitted figures that were too high, unless original documents verifying the error(s) are presented to TAPPS. Additional grounds for review may be established by the TAPPS Executive Board.

After review of the appeal, the TAPPS Executive Board shall issue a decision in writing. TAPPS shall promptly notify each school and district affected by the Board’s decision. The TAPPS Executive Board is responsible for assigning all schools to classifications, divisions, regions, and districts. The TAPPS Executive Board serves as the FINAL authority for appeals.