Competition by a New School



In the event that a school joins TAPPS after realignment has taken place, TAPPS shall assign that school to a classification, division, region, and district, and the member schools of that district shall be notified by TAPPS. If the district schedules are already set with all schools playing the maximum number of games and tournaments allowed, the district is not required to change the schedule to admit the new school, until schedules for the next year are established

District schools that have open dates during the district schedule or within two weeks of the beginning of the district schedule should schedule the new school wherever possible. If by using open dates, the new school can play all district schools as required, the new school may compete for district honors. If the new school cannot play all district schools as required, it cannot be considered for district honors.

The new school should be included in all district correspondence, meetings, and communication in order to establish relations with the member schools of the district.