Academic Progress


-TAPPS No Pass No Play Policy
-Minimum standard – Cannot be failing more than one (1) course
-Minimum two (2) week period of ineligibility
-Member schools may adopt more restrictive standards

TAPPS provides the minimum requirements for retaining eligibility related to academic progress in their No Pass, No Play policy. The minimum standard for TAPPS requires that a student may not be failing more than one course at the end of a grading period.

A student who fails more than one course will be ineligible for a minimum of two weeks. This period of ineligibility shall begin no later than one week after grades are announced and shall continue for fourteen days. If that student continues to fail more than one course, they shall be ineligible on a week-to-week basis until such time as the student is failing no more than one course.

Member schools may adopt rules that are more restrictive, but they must at least meet the minimum standard for student eligibility.