Communicating Expectations


A mandatory pre-season meeting with parents and athletes can go a long way in preventing issues related to poor sportsmanship. Topics that should be covered include:

  1. Roles of the parent, athlete and coach
  2. Expectations of positive behavior at athletic events
  3. Consequences of inappropriate behavior at athletic events
  4. Examples of Good and Bad Sportsmanship

At the conclusion of the meeting, an Athletic Code of Conduct should be reviewed and signed by parents and athletes. Periodic emails throughout the school year can serve as reminders of the expectations your school holds for good sportsmanship.

Posting signs in the athletic venue concerning positive behavior during competitive contests is an effective method of promoting good sportsmanship. These ideals may be reinforced by having the public address announcer read prepared statements before and throughout the athletic contest. Hiring security personnel who remain visible can discourage problems before they arise and can provide assistance should issues arise.