Role of Cheer/Spirit Groups


Members of cheer, band, pep squad and other spirit groups play a critical role in cultivating an atmosphere of good sportsmanship at all competitive contests. They should accept and take seriously their responsibility to model and encourage acceptable standards of crowd participation and sportsmanship.

The Cheer/Spirit Squad’s Role Includes:

  1. Treat opposing cheerleaders with dignity and respect and work with them to share time-outs and halftime for group cheers
  2. Avoid displaying banners and signs that are negative and directed at your opponent
  3. Lead cheers that are positive and support your team. Avoid cheers that are negative and directed at your opponents.
    1. If the crowd begins to boo or engage in a negative chant, redirect them by starting a positive cheer
    2. Do not cheer during an injury timeout and show encouragement to any injured participant
  4. Bands should understand and follow rules of when to play and when not to play
  5. Respect the authority, judgment and integrity of game officials