Role of the Game Administrator


In all TAPPS varsity athletic team contests, a game administrator must be appointed by the home school. It is highly recommended that they be present for all sub-varsity games as well. A competent and trained game administrator is vital in providing a safe and positive environment for all athletic contests. This individual must have an understanding of health and safety issues, crowd control and needs to be available and responsible for the game officials at all times. An additional administrator may be seated in large student sections or assigned to highly competitive games against rivals. All school  personnel who are assigned this responsibility should view the TAPPS TEaMs Course ‘Game Administrator’.

The Game Administrator’s Role Includes:

  1. Arrive early and stay late
    1. Meet the game officials and direct them to their dressing room
    2. Meet the visiting team & coaches and direct them to their dressing room
    3. Supervise entrance and seating of home and visiting fans, student section
    4. Do not leave until all fans, players, coaches etc. have left the gym/stadium
  1. Be present and alert at all times
    1. Station yourself where you can anticipate and observe all fan behavior
    2. Be available to assist officials prior to, during and after the contest.
    3. Be preemptive in correcting bad behavior. Do not wait for officials if you observe unsportsmanlike conduct of any fans in attendance.
    4. In the event that a player, coach or fan is ejected from the contest, escort the individual from the facility. File an ejection report with the TAPPS office within the following two working days. Notify the individual of the fine and suspension required by TAPPS.
    5. Escort officials to the dressing room at half time and end of game. Provide an escort to their vehicles.