Role of the Fan


Fan Behavior is a critical component of providing a positive atmosphere at all contests. It is each school’s responsibility to model, teach and expect good sportsmanship from all in attendance. 

Fans should be expected to provide positive, enthusiastic support for their team while respecting their opponent. The visiting crowd, coaches and players from both teams should be treated with respect. The legitimate authority of the game officials should be recognized and their decisions accepted and upheld as final. Fans should cheer for their school and never direct derogatory comments or taunts towards their opponent.

The Fan’s Role Includes:

  1. Recognize and respect the authority of all coaches
    1. Refrain from questioning or criticizing their strategy and game decisions
  2. Recognize and respect the authority of game officials
    1. Refrain from criticizing officials or booing calls that go against your team
    2. Do not attempt to engage officials in conversation during the game or approach them after the game
  3. Show courtesy, hospitality and respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups. Treat them as valued guests to your school. 
  4. When cheering, support your team as well as the efforts of all participants
    1. Always provide positive, enthusiastic support for your team using cheers that are encouraging and uplifting to all participants  
    2. Never direct disrespectful actions, derogatory chants or taunts towards your opponent. Turning one’s back during player introductions, waving car keys or yelling, “Miss it!” “Ball Four!” and “You can’t do that!” are disrespectful to the opposing team and fans. Remember that every athlete is someone’s son or daughter and is worthy of honor and appreciation
  5. Do not enter the court or field of play. Instead, remain in the stands:
    1. During pre-game warm-ups and at halftime
    2. During the contest
    3. Until all players, coaches and officials have left the floor or field
  6. NEVER throw objects of any kind in the stands or towards the playing surface
  7. NEVER “Rush the court or field” after a game to celebrate as this action may cause safety issues or misunderstandings with your opponents