Role of the Game Official


Game officials play a vital role in maintaining an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and fair play in all TAPPS competitions. Well-managed contests cannot take place without qualified and competent officials; therefore, it is critical that our member schools make every effort to acquire competent officiating crews and to provide them with a safe environment before, during and after every contest.

The Game Official’s Role Includes:

  1. Know the rules of the game thoroughly and apply them equitably at all times  
  2. Be professional in your interactions with coaches and players
    1. Greet and publicly shake hands with coaches of both teams before the contest
    2. Maintain poise and confidence throughout the contest, never arguing with coaches or players concerning calls
    3. Never let your judgment be swayed by the negative actions of coaches, players or fans
    4. Do not engage players and coaches in a manner that would make the opposing team believe that you have a relationship with that school
  3. Do not explain calls to fans or engage them in conversation 
  4. Report any issues to game administrators
  5. Report any player, coach or fan ejections to the TAPPS Office